colleen 3Words from the Press

“Colleen Welsh is just about perfect as the drowsy chaperone, who’s funniest when she’s guzzling vodka. To steal a phrase from “Man in Chair,” her solo number “As We Stumble Along” is nothing less than a “rousing anthem to alcoholism.”

– Paul Babin, Cape Cod Times

“Colleen Welsh is sheer perfection as Rona Lisa Peretti, the spelling bee’s moderator.”
– Cindy Nickerson, Cape Cod Times

“Colleen Welsh brightens the stage in every scene as the busybody neighbor Gertrude, who gets a vicarious thrill out of the prospect of Louise having an affair with a handsome poet, Versati.”
– Johanna Crosby,

“…and Colleen Welsh as Lady Catherine de Bourg steals the show as the embodiment of all the class strictures Elizabeth Bennet is bucking.”
-Lee Roscoe, Cape Cod Times

“…Juwan Crawley (Paul) and Colleen Welsh (Hattie) bring the tempo to a jazzy full song and dance number on a steamy summer’s night. Juwan’s voice and style is showy and brilliant. Colleen’s voice and ease on stage is striking and splendid. These are two stars in the making.”
Joan Tacke Aucoin, The Cape Cod Chronicle

“Colleen Welsh delivers a nuanced portrayal of Blanche, Kate’s widowed younger sister, who is overwhelmed as the single parent of two young girls. Welsh effectively conveys Blanche’s insecurities and vulnerability as the two sisters argue about long-held resentments.”

“There are many memorable performances in this large cast. To name only a few: Colleen Welsh playing many years beyond her age as the steely-eyed Bloody Mary…”
Kate Shea Kennon, Cape Cod Online

“Suitably creepy, darkly funny, and armed with powerful pipes of her own is Colleen Welsh as Bloody Mary, the entrepreneurial knickknack seller with ties to the mysteries of Bali Ha’i. Welsh is bawdy, brash and offers a stunning rendition of the song “Bali Ha’i” that’s as haunting as the island it honors.”
– Kathleen Szmit, The Barnstable Patriot